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Quran Courses for all age groups ,Kids ,Men,women, professional or home makers. Hifz , Arabic Reading



Dedicated resource library for students and visitors of academy where they can read the books free of cost

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Educational videos where you can gain knowledge of Tafseer,Tajweed and other subjects



Read and listen multi-language text & translation with free resource

Experience our interactive Quran classes website is an academy and a group of Scholars including software & web professionals ,certified teachers. Our teachers are highly qualified from well known Universities and all are scholars who are well versed with the teachings. These are the governing bodies that decide and set the curriculum for running academy.


My son has been doing the Hifz classes for a long time now, and he is getting excellent results in the field of the Quran. Living in a muslim country to a non-muslim can be tough, especially when it comes to finding an appropriate teacher for your son/daughter for the learning of the Quran. However, by opting to go with this process has been made easy for us and very convenient. I recommend to anyone across the globe who has trouble finding an appropriate teacher for the learning of the Quran, as it is one of the most beneficial and rewarding programs you’ll ever use!

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